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Ultimate Flash Sonic Ultimate Flash Sonic

Get ready to play one of the all time greatest Sonic The Hedgehog flash games ever made. You can choose between one of four Sonic characters to battle it out in this super fun Sonic game.

Sonic The Hedgehog Game Sonic The Hedgehog Game

If you are looking to play one of the closest free Sonic The Hedgehog game replicated after the class Sega console hit, then this is the game for you, enjoy this classic remake of the Sonic The Hedgehog game.

Sonic Lost In Mario World Sonic Lost In Mario World

Sonic has found himself lost in Mario world, filled with Mario video game bad guys out to try and teach Sonic The Hedgehog a lesson. It's up to you to show these Mario goons what Sonic is all about.

Sonic Lost In Mario World 2 Sonic Lost In Mario World 2

Sonic is back and is lost in Mario world once again, I guess them Mario game bad guys didn't learn thier lesson the first time, so get ready to help Sonic The Hedgehog kick some butt in this cool Sonic game.

Super Sonic Click Super Sonic Click

This Sonic game is a very fun and challenging game where you need to navigate Sonic through the levels and avoid obsticals by clicking the mouse to make Sonic fly higher and releasing the mouse to make Sonic fly lower.

Sonica Game Sonica Game

Sonica is a great multi level platform game where you need to help Sonic through the levels while grabbing the golden coins and avoiding all the bad guys and obsticals that are in his path.

Sonic X Spin Bowl Sonic X Spin Bowl

If you like bowling games, and you like Sonic games then you will simply love Sonic X Spin Bowl. Send Sonic The Hedgehog spin dashing down the lane to try and knock over as many pins as you can.

Sonic In Angel Island Sonic In Angel Island

This free Sonic game has you right in the middle of the most recognizable Sonic The Hedgehog game level ever, Angel Island. Get ready to ride rope lifts, zip lines, and much more in this fun fast Sonic game.

Sonic Surf Sonic Surf

Sonic Surf is a really cool online Sonic game where you need to control Sonic The Hedgehog riding the waves on his surf board and try to pull off as many cool surfing tricks as Sonic possibly can.

Sonic Pacman Sonic Pacman

Sonic Pacman is a Sonic The Hedgehog themed pacman game for all you out there who love that classic arcade game. Get ready to play pacman in a whole new way, Sonic styled, enjoy Sonic Pacman.

Ultimate Sonic Quiz Ultimate Sonic Quiz

So you think you know all there is to know about Sonic The Hedgehog do ya? Well get ready to put that Sonic knowledge to the test in this fun free Sonic The Hedgehog trivia game.

Sonic Maze Craze Sonic Maze Craze

Help Sonic The Hedgehog through these adventure filled mazes that are jam packed with booby traps, obsticals, and bad guys, don't let Sonic run in to obsticals or walls or it's game over for Sonic.

Sonic Xtreme Sonic Xtreme

If you like the fast pace of the Sonic games, then this won't disappoint you. Help Sonic The Hedgehog race through this super mario bad guy filled levels in search for victory.

Sonic Xtreme 2 Sonic Xtreme 2

Choose your favorite Sonic character and take on this challenging game. It's a race against the clock, so you have to move quickly. But don't let your hurry cause you to miss out on collecting golden rings or forgetting to avoid all of the obstacles that lie in your path.

Sonic Xs Sonic Xs

This game takes Sonic and the golden rings you know so well and adds a twist. Your goal is to make it through the level as quickly as possible. You only have 60 seconds, so you have to hurry. The twist is when a drone gets in your way, you can destroy it by throwing a golden ring.

Sonic Blox Sonic Blox

Do you think you have the smarts and speed to outdo Dr. Robotnik? This game will prove whether or not you're actually capable. This game takes the classic game of Tetris and adds the evil Dr. Robotnik to make it even more difficult.

Sonic Racer Sonic Racer

This game switches up the normal scenario Sonic finds himself in by putting him on the back of a motorcycle. The game makes guiding Sonic on his motorcycle a challenge by forcing you to collect and complete everything required of you in less than one minute.

Sonic Heroes Puzzle Sonic Heroes Puzzle

If you like playing Tetris but feel it's gotten a little stale, give this game a shot. While it features the same falling blocks as Tetris, matching up the right combinations is much more challenging. Adding to the fun is the fact that chaos emeralds, golden rings, Knuckles, Tails and Sonic are all used directly in the game.

Final Fantasy Sonic X5 Final Fantasy Sonic X5

If you've ever played a Final Fantasy game before, you know they're quite addictive. This game adds to the fun by putting Sonic in this type of storyline. One of the features that makes this such a fun game is the full control you have during fights. You'll be able to monitor your stats and choose your moves accordingly.

Shadow The Hedgehog Game Shadow The Hedgehog Game

Most Sonic games are focused on the blue hedgehog everyone knows so well. This cool game gives a different hedgehog the ability to shine. You get to guide Shadow through this very interesting game. If you enjoy games with weapons, you'll literally have a blast with this one!

Sonic Amys Whack A Nik Sonic Amys Whack A Nik

If you're looking for a fun way to test the quickness of your reflexes, this is the game to do it. This game puts a Sonic spin on the Whack-a-Mole games found in virtually all arcades. While you'll want to hit as many robots as you can within the 30 second limit, you have to be careful not to hit the two good characters that pop up!

Sonic Speedway Sonic Speedway

If you enjoy Sonic games and you also enjoy racing, take a minute to check out this game. Because it only requires two keys, many people assume it's going to be quite easy. But once they begin, they discover exactly why it's so challenging!

Sonic Puzzle Sonic Puzzle

In the mood to solve a puzzle but don't want to deal with spreading pieces all over a table? This game allows you to choose five different levels of puzzle difficulty to provide your puzzle solving fix without the hassle of dealing with real pieces.

Kamakazi Hedchog Kamakazi Hedchog

If you have been looking for a game that provides the feel of a classic Sonic experience, this is the one to play. Your goal is to see how quickly you can collect all the golden rings without getting tripped up by the obstacles in your way.

Metal Sonic Asteroid Blaster Metal Sonic Asteroid Blaster

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to guide Sonic through space? This game gives you the opportunity to find out. It also provides quite a challenge as a result of all the asteroids you have to destroy and dodge.

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